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Slot Machine Coach


You like to play slots Online or in Casinos? Love free Spins, Wilds and Bonus games like casino Slots in Vegas? Than try this tool to track easily your gambling results to become better.This App tracks your gambling results for Slot Machine games at real or online Casinos. You can use the app in two ways.
1. Track easily your gambling results:
Press on Begin in the main screen and Select the Cash In amount in the following screen (the money you put in the slot). Play your slot game in the casino and when finished press Cash out in the app and type in your Cash Out amount. This gives you your balance which is documented in the log screen.
2. Track easily your gambling results AND plan your game play (check the Strategy screen for the payroll management):
Type in your Cash in as described before but define in addition as well the number of Spins you like to play and the bet amount per Spin. This gives you the Stake you play. After finishing your game, enter the Cash out. This gives you your result and the Stake you played and allows you to analyze your own game play better. Try it, its an eye opener this we can promise.
To calculate the Stake, the app will only count the real Spins you played. Therefore use the Spin button to put in the amount of Spins you played or use the Orange Fast Forward Button.
Follow the strategy guide to get some tips and tricks on how to become a winning player. It's important to have a good bankroll management and to stick to your plan!
Slot Machine Coach will display your earnings for the played session and generate a graphic that can be shared. Check out all of your sessions in the Log screen, where you can edit, delete or filter all of your games played.
Features of the app are:- Tracks and shows your gambling results- Monitor and maintain all gambling results, Filter on days- Strategy guide- Random slogans at the main screen- Generates graphic for each session- Share graphics
Check it out for free and Good Luck!
I'm using my app since I was interested in how good I play at with slots. Tracking the results is not fun but makes sense. Try it out.